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Jack & Lucy

Workstation ONE Medium

The multifunctional cutting board Workstation ONE perfects the workflows in the kitchen with unique features. The Workstation ONE is produced in sustainable forestry in classical, handcrafted processes and oiled with natural food-safe oils. Jack & Lucy attach, besides the careful selection of materials, particular importance to excellent workmanship, down to the smallest detail. For example, the cutting board is 2mm higher than the base of the workstation, so that the board rather than the base is stressed by the knife.

Workstation ONE – The features in detail
1. Sliding stainless steel container to collect juices, chopped food and kitchen waste.
2. Reversible cutting board: on one side smooth for cutting fruits and vegetables, on the other side with a juice groove with a slope for carving meat. The cutting board is mobile and therefore ideal for serving.
3. Integrated magnetic knife holder with a capacity of 4 for the most important knifes. The surface magnet is powerful and absolutely gentle on the blade.
4. There is a wide juice groove with a slope and a drain on the meat side, so that any juices are collected in the stainless steel container.
5. Integrated board made of Richlite for cutting all foods whose smell and taste can penetrate the wood, for example onions, garlic, chili, meat or fish. Richlite is made of natural raw material, dishwasher-safe, heatresistant up to 176 degrees, antibacterial and gentle on knives

All products are treated with a food-safe hard oil based on linseed oil and supplied pre-oiled once. For further care, we recommend that you rub the cutting boards thinly with your trusted cooking oil at regular intervals and remove any excess with a cotton rag. Otherwise the boards can be washed, scrubbed and brushed. But please don ́t put it in the dishwasher. The damp boards should always be set up to dry so that they can dry evenly on both sides. 

The material oak
Oak is a hard wood, which develops an antibacterial effect by its high tannic acid portion. This does not mean that these boards are self-cleaning. However, it does mean that oak is an excellent material for cutting and serving boards, as the tannic acid makes the boards germ-free within a few hours after cleaning and therefore very suitable in combination with food. Another aspect should be mentioned in connection with tannic acid: Steel in combination with moisture leaves irreversible black discolorations on the oak. For example, leaving a non-rusting knive or a metal cookie cutter on the wet oak board would leave a black wreath after some time. However, this does not occur inconjunction with stainless steel.

  • made of solid European oak wood
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • integrated, black Richlite cutting board, stainless steel container
  • Size: L 45 x W 33 x H 9 cm
  • Working surface: 45 x 29,5 cm
  • weight: 6 kg
  • material: oak, food grade organic oil finish