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Soul Steak Knife Set 4.7"

Striving for perfection. With the Nesmuk Soul steak and table knife, this goal has almost been achieved. The blade consists of a special knife steel refined with nitrogen. This unique alloy makes the steel extremely resistant to corrosion. At the same time, the steel can be hardened considerably more without becoming brittle. This optimized steel structure allows the classic Nesmuk sharpness paired with an unusually high hardness and an enormous service life. The wedge ground blade has a hardness of approx. 60 HRC. And Nesmuk has not only optimised the steel: The linear geometry demands a clean cut without sawing and tearing. Only the tip is put on and often a single pull is sufficient to cut smoothly. This functionality can only be guaranteed with an extremely sharp blade.

Blade and tang are made of one piece of steel, which gives the knife a wonderful balance. Each knife is completely sharpened individually and lies comfortably and securely in the hand without disturbing edges and gaps. The handles on both sides are decorated with stainless steel bezels covered with black precious resin. On one side there is the engraved Nesmuk bat, which is accentuated by white fine lacquer.
The Nesmuk Janus steak and table knife is supplied as a set of 2 in a high-quality matt black box including certificate of authenticity.

  • Blade: 4.5 inch, Niobium steel
  • Bezel: stainless steel, fine lacquer black
  • Hardness of 60 HRC
  • Polished edge for finest cutting
  • Polished by hand, without gaps or edges.
  • Handle made of solid material without gaps and rivets
  • Included: high-quality matt black box, certificate of authenticity
  • Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany