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Diamond-Coated Leather Strop

To maintain the initial sharpness of your knives for a long time on your own, we recommend the Nesmuk leather strop. A very efficient piece, which will bring you back the rapid sharpness in a maximum of two minutes.

The four-sided Nesmuk strop has an massive oak body. This body is surrounded by leather, into which diamond paste in different grain sizes has been rubbed. The sharpening works as follows:

Start with the rough side (20 µm) and place the blade at an angle of about 15-20 degrees at the bottom of the strop. Now pull the blade up over the leather. The fine diamond dust removes any break-outs and roundings on the edge of the blade. After this trigger lift the knife, turn it and pull the blade back down over the leather. Three such triggers on both sides are perfectly sufficient.
Repeat this process with the side medium (5 µm), then fine (1 µm) and finally with the leather side (without diamond) to polish the blade. The sides are labeled so you can't lose track. Not complicated, but simple and efficient without the effort of a grindstone.

  • Material: Solid Oak Wood, Leather, Diamond Paste
  • Three of the four sides are coated with different diamond pastes
  • The fourth side without diamond is used to polish the edge
  • Simultaneously sharpens and polishes the cutting edge of the knife
  • produces a razor-sharp edge
  • Diamond paste remains permanently intact