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Exklusiv C150 Slicer 6"

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Nesmuk knives are fascinating in every respect, simply because of their appearance. Once held in the hands, the fascination increases. And those who have the pleasure of working with the knives can no longer tear themselves away. The damask knives of the Exklusiv series are the supreme discipline of forging and reflect the values of Nesmuk: uncompromising quality, attention to detail and functionality. True masterpieces.

The Exclusive C 150 series is the Champions League, the masterpiece. Up to 400 layers of damask steel forged around one cutting layer of pure carbon steel, purely by hand. Up to four dozen steps (!) are necessary to make these truly exclusive knives. The carbon content is 1.5% and gives the blades a degree of hardness of +/- 65 HRC. Due to the hollow grinding applied on both sides, the black cutting layer comes into its own and reduces the adhesion of the material to be cut. The Exclusive C 150 series also offers you both types of knives: The chef's knife with 180 mm blade length made of 401 layers of damascus steel and the slicer with 160 mm blade length made of 201 layers of damascus steel.

Stainless steels cannot be used for the fire welding of damask, as they do not have the quality and necessary properties of traditional carbon steels. Therefore genuine Damascus knives are susceptible to rust and require a certain amount of care. Together with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Nesmuk has succeeded in applying a permanent coating to the damask surface, called Nesmuk Protective Coating (NPC). The silicon layer, which is only a few micrometers thick, preserves the precious blades for decades to come. All damask blades of the Exklusiv series are protected by the Protective Coating.

  • Special knife for filleting fish and meat and slicing vegetables or fruits
  • Handforged and firewelded blade with 201 layers of damask steel
  • 1 cutting layer of carbon steel, visible in black below the wild damascus steel
  • 1.5% carbon content
  • Hardness of 65 HRC
  • Double-sided hollow grind
  • Polished edge for finest cutting
  • Brushed or mirror-polished stainless-steel collar.
  • Handle made of solid material without gaps and rivets
  • Included: Nesmuk strop, Nesmuk leather sheath, Piano-lacquer box
  • Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany