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Gude Alpha Olive

The knife series Gude Alpha Olive is completely handmade in Germany. All knives of the series lie very well and perfectly balanced in the hand due to their own weight. Therefore less muscle power is required when cutting. The range of Gude Alpha Olive knives offers you the right knife for every purpose.

All Gude Alpha Olive knives have hand forged blades in Germany. They consist of one piece of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel. The blades are further processed in over 40 manual operations at the factory in Solingen. Each blade of the Gude Alpha Olive knives is stainless, ice-hardened and sharpened by hand.

The handles of the Gude Alpha Olive knife series are made of selected olive wood. The olive wood of the handles is made from olive wood that is up to 500 years old. Olive wood is generally a very hard wood, which is extremely weatherproof. The structure is strongly grained and therefore appears particularly noble and elegant. The handle is not dishwasher safe due to its natural material.