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December 25, 2019 3 min read

Nesmuk Exklusiv - Flawless and unique

Flawless and unique - as a top product of traditional forging technology, this Nesmuk series combines exclusive high-quality carbon steels with innovative technology to provide unsurpassed cutting performance. Their blades made of Damascus steel are permanently corrosion-resistant thanks to the innovative NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating). 

Hand-made: in four dozen work steps, exclusive masterpieces are created with the claim of perfection. The knives in the Exclusive series use exclusively hand-forged Damascus steel from selected tool steels in up to 401 layers. The result is a feast for the eyes and hands - quality you can see and feel.Cutting with ease: The Nesmuk Exclusive series is the perfect kitchen tool for professional users. Thanks to the faceted blade with hollow grinding on both sides, adhesion of the material to be cut is minimised. Quality with every cut - that is the promise of Nesmuk.

Damascus steel is resistant, but not invulnerable. Environmental influences, food components or moisture can cause the blade to corrode. At Nesmuk, they did not want to put up with this. That is why Nesmuk spent years developing a new type of protection system for the steel: NPC NPC stands for Nesmuk Protective Coating - an innovative and globally unique process that protects steel against corrosion. Like a second skin, a silicon layer measuring just a few micrometers is applied to the carbon steel using plasma technology.This ensures that the blade remains preserved and protected against rust for a lifetime. NESMUK EXKLUSIV SERIES

Special coating for highest performance - Nesmuk Janus

Nesmuk Janus - the sophisticated series uses patented high-performance steel with a proportion of the rare element niobium for the blade. The black DLC coating (Diamond-Like-Carbon) additionally surrounds the blade with ultra-hard protection. The finest cuts, pleasant handling: the Janus series makes life in the kitchen easier. It combines practical requirements with unique top technology - craftsmanship meets high tech. The result: an overall concept that is more than just a knife.

The unmistakable feature of the series is the black blade - a symbol of the highest quality and functionality thanks to the refinement with high-quality DLC technology. As a special coating for highest demands, it optimizes the functional properties of the blade. The patented Nesmuk steel contains the rare element niobium. In the Janus series, this element ensures the finest possible steel structure despite the inertia of rust. Extreme sharpness and an increased durability are added. This means that the Janus series is extremely durable - and stays extremely sharp for a long time. Diamond-like carbon is the protective shield for the Janus series. The carbon layer, which is only a few micrometres thick, is insensitive to acids, bases and extreme temperatures and is characterised by low friction values and enormous scratch resistance. The Janus series thus becomes a handsome work of art for the sophisticated - also thanks to the ergonomically shaped handles. NESMUK JANUS SERIES

Nesmuk Soul - one of the lightest and sharpest Chef's Knives in the world

Extremely sharp, extremely durable: these are the characteristics of the Soul series. The unique steel of the blade with the rare element niobium is an expression of the high Nesmuk standards for the materials used. The Soul series shows: Nesmuk does not take the easy way out. The increased toughness of the steel makes it more difficult to process - but with know-how, time and a great amount of experience, the Nesmuk experts face this challenge with every new knife. The outstanding cutting performance of the Soul series cannot be achieved with conventional stainless steel types. Nesmuk has therefore developed a very special type of steel processing which ensures unrivalled sharpness and durability. The knives are specially ground, hardened and efficiently sharpened in a process which has been tried and tested over many years. The Soul series thus embodies the soul of the Nesmuk manufacture.

The secret of the Soul series lies in the way Nesmuk processes the steel. It enables greater mechanical strength and improved cutting properties. The tested steel hardness is 60 HRC. Unusually thinly ground blades, precision craftsmanship: this is how Nesmuk produces some of the lightest and sharpest knives in the world. The Soul series with its niobium-containing patented stainless steel embodies this claim down to the last detail - perfection through precision. NESMUK SOUL SERIES