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August 16, 2020 2 min read

Bismarck herring and cheese spaetzle in a tropical setting

The „Sührung“ has been a true institution since 2016: Situated in the middle of a tropical garden, the restaurant offers an enchanting haven oasis of taste in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. After years of experience in all corners of the globe, Thomas and Mathias Sühringhave finally arrived at their very own personal haven of peace and tranquility – far away from Germany, but closely intertwined with their culinary homeland.

In Bangkok, Thomas and Mathias Sühring serve the finest haute cuisine seasoned with a genuine German flavor. Inspired by the cuisine of their childhood, their grandmother‘s recipe book and enriched with the serenity and calm of Asia. Their main ingredients: passion and tradition.

Nesmuk Steak knives Soul Suhring

The awareness for highest quality and sophistication extends to the dinner table. Only the finest products are used here for the guest. These include the extraordinary STEAK KNIVES from NESMUK. Thanks to the special blade geometry, the steak knives become hardly blunt. The razor-sharp cutting edge slices the meat effortlessly with smooth, clean cuts. 

Housed in a former diplomats‘ residence, the „Sühring“ is an outpost of German hospitality – relaxed and elegant.

Here, typical dishes are served with a contemporary and innovative twist. Thailand, known for its cosmopolitan spirit, loves it and the Michelin Guide praises it: Thomas and Mathias have managed to cook up two stars in next to no time.

Suhring Bangkok

Quality. Freshness. Inventiveness. Backed by a distinctly German philosophy, the Sührings have established themselves in the land so famous for its cookshops. And have thus managed to show that fine cuisine and German-style recipes are a perfect match – when no compromises are made. The reward:Satisfied patrons and delighted taste buds.

Grandma Christa is always present in spirit: Her recipe book is still kept in the safe of the restaurant, as an inspiration and reminder of their roots. This is how
the very best of the past becomes the foundation for the perfection of tomorrow: In their dishes, the twins combine the delicacies of Europe with Asian diversity
in a creative haute cuisine.